DIY Ombre Kitchen Utensils


With warm weather on the horizon, there's no better time to start some spring cleaning. For me, my first project was cleaning out my kitchen drawers and tossing out any utensils or items that I have duplicates of or no longer use. One thing I did notice is that I had so many plain wooden utensils, and while I use them all the time they were in serious need of a little TLC. 

And the perfect way to bring some new life to an item is a little DIY project! After a visit to a local craft store, I knew that I wanted to turn my dull utensils into a colourful ombre palette that matched the colour scheme in my kitchen. Not only was this extremely easy to do, but they add a fun pop of colour to my kitchen. Here's how you can make your own!


  • Bamboo kitchen utensils
  • Tape
  • Acrylic paint in white and your colour of choice (I used 'Tropical Blue')
  • Foam brushes
  • A dish or paper plate for mixing the paint (not shown)


Start by taping the kitchen utensils right below the head of each utensil or along the neck. Make sure that the tape is tightly wrapped so that no paint seeps underneath.


I decided to start with the lightest colour of the ombre spectrum first. I mixed one tablespoon of white paint with a drop of the blue paint and mixed it together with my foam brush. 


Then, with your foam brush, paint the sides and top of the utensil handle. Set it down to dry on either paper towel or aluminum foil. I found that the paint dried really quickly, so once you feel it's dry paint the bottom of the handle and the back. Then repeat the same steps for the second coat.  

ACS_0020 (1).JPG

For the second utensil, I used about a 2:1 ratio of blue to white, for the third I used equal parts blue and white. But really, you can just keep mixing and experimenting with your colours until you reach a shade you like. 


Once you're happy with your colours, you can repeat the painting and drying process for each utensil. 


Once your utensils are dry, carefully remove the tape. Make sure to pull it off slowly to ensure that you don't rip any of the paint off.

Whether you decide to make these for yourself or give to someone else (they would make an adorable housewarming gift), this is another super easy DIY project that requires very little materials and work!

Post by Ainsley Smith