Best Face Masks for Winter

Source:   Glossier

Source: Glossier

With winter fast approaching, there's no better way to fix whatever skin concern you're dealing with than with a face mask. Do you find your skin gets dry and flaky as soon as the temperature drops? Or that you're skin only breakouts during the winter months? Whatever you deal with, there's a mask for that. 

Masks leave your skin feeling calm, refreshed, and glowing in a matter of minutes. Seriously, what's not to love? From oil-absorbing clays to scary-but-effective gel sheets, there's something for everyone.

Source:   Glossier

Source: Glossier

Moisturizing Moon Mask
If the dry winter air is getting you down, your skin could use a daily pick me like Glossier's Moisturizing Moon Mask. This mask works below the surface by visibly plumping skin up with hydration, helping to smooth the appearance of fine lines and restore elasticity. Which is something we could all use during winter. Available at Glossier.

Source:     Sephora

Source: Sephora

Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask
We love this mask because it works on all skin types. This is a triple-threat clay treatment that can be used as a mask to instantly purify skin, a daily deep cleanser, or as a spot treatment to minimize unwanted blemishes and imperfections. Available at Sephora

Source:   Derm Store

Source: Derm Store

Avene Soothing Moisture Mask
For those who don't have time to sit and wait for their face masks to run their course, we recommend using Avene's moisturizing mask that kills two birds with one stone as it's a mask that can also be left on as a moisturizer. And during the winter months, a little extra moisture can really go a long way. Available at Derm Store


Source:   Rodial

Source: Rodial

Snake Oxygenating And Cleansing Bubble Mask
If you prefer using a sheet mask rather than a regular face mask, you're going to want to give this mask a try. This detoxifying bubble mask generates O2 bubbles to remove dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil, leaving you with a brighter-looking complexion. As soon as you put the mask on, you'll feel it instantly begin to work, and you'll seriously feel the bubbles deep cleaning your pores. Once you've let the mask work its magic (in 15 minutes total), your skin will look smoother and clearer. Available at Rodial

What face masks are you looking forward to trying this winter? Let us know in the comments below!

Post by Ainsley Smith