5 Green Beauty Brands to Try Now

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For as long as I can remember, I've always been really into makeup, but I couldn't begin to tell you what was actually in my products. If it made my skin look great, I had to buy it. But I thankfully made a serious change to my beauty ways earlier this year after I attended a green beauty seminar. It was here that I learned that what we put on our skin actually ends up in our bodies and that many of the beauty industries major players are pumping their products full of toxic chemicals. 

Following learning about this, I began to reevaluate my beauty and skincare regimen and I've swapped out a number of my previously go-to beauty brands for more environmentally friendly products that not only leave my skin and body feeling and looking amazing, but they also do wonders for the planet. 

And trust me when I say this, transitioning into the green beauty world can be a bit challenging at first, especially when you have nowhere to begin (which is what happened to me). But that's why I'm here to share some of my favourite green beauty brands with you.

F. Miller

F.Miller is a Canadian made skincare brand that not only leaves your skin feeling and smelling amazing but all the products are completely free of harmful elements such as synthetic fragrances and colourings. Each product is designed to heal, rejuvenate, restore, nourish and balance all skin types, so regardless of what skin type you have you'll be able to use each and every product in the collection. The collection consists of items like face and body oils, toning mists, and lip balms. 

Fitglow Beauty

Fitglow Beauty was actually one of the first green beauty brands that I learned about. When it comes to beauty, I'll only use a product that's cruelty-free, and Fitglow is a huge advocate for not testing on animals, which I absolutely love! All the products are made with plant-based and organic ingredients that will improve and transform your skin. Fitglow has a lot to offer, including a wide-range of skincare and beauty items including mascara, lip serums, foundation, and even beauty brushes. 


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Brooklyn-based Soapwalla was actually born in founder Rachel Winard's kitchen one evening, after months of unsuccessfully searching for products that wouldn't aggravate her sensitive skin. Soapwalla's impressive lineup consists of products that are pure, effective, and trustworthy, which is why the brand has such a large following. Regardless of what products you want to try, chances are Soapwalla has it. The products are all made by hand and the collection consists of products for your face, lips, body, and even travel sets. 

The Innate Life

Founded by clean beauty enthusiast Bhavna Kashyap, Innate Beauty uses the highest quality herbs and ingredients, so each product is extremely concentrated without the use of fillers or harmful preservatives. What’s unique about The Innate Life is that the brand is 100% in control of the process from start to finish. Products are formulated, manufactured and shipped in-house. The plant-based formulas are remarkable and do not contain any pre-made blends. Popular items in the collection include the Rose Hair Elixir, Scalp Treatment, Herbal Shampoo & Conditioner, and the Herbal Hair Mask.

Island Joy

I'm a sucker for a good smelling product, which is why I'm obsessed with Island Joy. This is another amazing Canadian brand founded by a mother/daughter duo. Their collection consists of 100% natural sugar body scrubs inspired by the Caribbean, so you can only imagine how incredible their products smell - imagine scents like Bahamian Berry and Bajan Lime. With winter on its way, do your skin a favour and snag one of Island Joy's body scrubs so you can combat dry and flaky winter skin in seconds. 

What green beauty brands are you loving right now? Let me know in the comments below!

Post by Ainsley Smith