Three Simple Ways To Hide Your Exhaustion

We’ve all been there. You stayed up way too late working on a blog post, the baby woke you up every.single.hour of the night, you lost track of time obsessively watching the new Netflix series or stayed out too late enjoying that last cocktail. Your alarm goes off way too soon and the proof of your exhaustion is tangled in your hair and written all over your puffy eyed, blotchy face.  You know you have to pull yourself together and face your boss, the client you need to Skype or the live webinar you are hosting in twenty minutes.  So what do you do? Here are three simple ways we hide our exhaustion.  

  1. Wash it Away
    Sounds obvious right? Well a lot of times it’s the first thing we skip for an extra ten minutes of sleep. No matter how tempting it is to pass up, don’t.  Scrub, exfoliate and shave. It will wake you right up and make you look more alive.

  2. Depuff & Conceal
    If you have fifteen minutes, cucumber slices, cold spoons or chilled green tea bags are always trusted, natural ways to reduce puffiness but in a pinch,  grab eyecream that centers on puffiness. Our two favourite are Dior One Essential Eye Serum and Philosophy Uplifting Miracle Worker Eye Cool-Lift & Firm Eye Cream.

    Makeup can conceal almost anything. To hide tired puffy eyes, apply concealer with a peachy hue to counteract any discolouration ( we love this Bobbi Brown Corrector ). Apply it below the puffiness directly ontop of the shadow. Apply a soft matte brown eye shadow and use nude coloured eyeliner to hide any redness. A light shimmer can be added to your inner eyes and outer eyebrow bone to brighten them up. Use a cream blush to create a dewy softness to lackluster skin. Curl your lashes and load on the mascara! Thick eyelashes will distract from any puffiness. Add plumping lipgloss to create fullness and finish out your refreshed look.

  3. Keep it Cool
    Breath deeply and keep cold water close by to stop you from yawning and don’t overdo the caffeine which can cause the shakes or a headache. Reach for high protein snacks like almonds instead of sugary treats to avoid crashing. If your day allows it, take a power nap! According to The American Sleep Association a half hour nap is all you need to feel refreshed, be energized and get through the rest of your day.